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Guildfordians Walking Rugby Fit For All
Created : Wednesday 30th Mar 22

Its winter. Its Tuesday evening. Its dark and cold, and damp. I can see the pitch from my car, which is warm and comfortable. I think “Why do people like me want to go and chase a rugby ball around on a night like this?”
But I do get out of the car, and go to the pitch. My spirits rise as I see the other players. As soon as I have the ball in my hands, I get a buzz.
Then I realize, here, there aren’t “people like me”. This is as diverse a bunch of people you might hope to find. Young and not so young; men and women; former players and new to the game; different attitudes to playing Walking Rugby.

I sense there is a big story behind Guildfordians Walking Rugby. To start telling the story, I’ve collected quotations from many of the players. I’ve grouped them by decade of birth. I hope I got everyone right! By way of recognition and reward, a song title I hope you like. If you belong to that decade – this is your song.

Finally, there’s a group of quotes that simply deserve recognition, even though many of those quoted were reluctant to reveal date of birth!
You might show the quotes to your pals, mates and friends – or just anybody you feel might enjoy the Walking story. Maybe they’ll agree that Walking Rugby is Fit for All, come along and join in. and maybe give us more great quotes.

Liz – Spectator and aspiring member.
“Fitness and community connections. The green gym with a rugby ball!”
Steve – former player.
“Love the buzz. And a beer afterwards!”
Your Song – I Walk the Line, by Johnny Cash.

Steve- former player.
“All inclusive. I like the fact we have 70-year olds down to teenagers. This is perfect for any age or gender”
Your Song – Walk like an Egyptian, by the Bangles.

Alison – never played rugby before.
“The people are lovely and make you feel welcome……you feel an important member of the team…you also benefit from the exercise and fresh air.”
Norman – “creeping up on ’60.”
“Still competitive. Looking to have some fun exercising with a sociable group of people. “
Sue – never played rugby before.
“Love the idea of mixed gender team sports”
Your Song – Walking back to Happiness, by Helen Shapiro.

Brian – who came all the way from South Africa to enjoy Walking Rugby.
“No matter what age, ability, gender, nationality, EVERYONE can enjoy the club, the people, and the Walking Rugby…. I was a bit hesitant about it all to be honest- it isn’t just fun – but its great experience as well. I felt at home from the word go.
I spent most of 2021 on my own. It was draining. Guildfordians Walking Rugby made me feel welcome and lifted my spirits….
Your Song – You’ll Never Walk Alone, by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

Assorted great quotes from a broad range of decades: -
Tony – “Good exercise and social interaction. Friendly.”
Graham- “Exercise without the speed.”
Carl- “An opportunity to play the game I love again.”
Matt – “I thought my egg chasing days were over. “
Keith- “Great to be back into it, albeit at a different pace”
Dempsey- “Over 50 and I can still play the game I love”.
Mark – “Hadn’t played for years”
Ian – “New lease of sporting life, and a new circle of friends.”
Stuart – “Good exercise. and companions”
Song- Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

There’s a lot going on at Guildfordians Walking Rugby. Training, get–togethers twice a week. Games against other Walking Rugby Clubs. Festivals. Tours. Social events.

We want more people to enjoy the benefits of Walking Rugby. Its great exercise and great fun Members can participate at any level they want. The first three sessions are free, and annual membership is way less than a gym.

So, get your friends and family to give it a try.
Contact Mark on 07973 343185, Sahana on 07565 861789 or Sue on 07713 299545 or send us an email to

Guildfordians Walking Rugby – Fit for All.

Steve Markwell


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