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The current season has ended for our Minis teams, our season restarts on the first Sunday in September.

Please get in touch we would love to see you soon.

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Sun 14/07/24 20:00
Euro 2024 Final England v Spain
Euro 2024 Final England v Spain

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Guildfordians Minis Festival 10th March 2024
Saturday 30th Mar 24

One of our teams after an enjoyable day

This year’s season has been noted for its wet weather but a little rain on the morning of the 10th March did little to dampen the excitement as Guildfordians Rugby Football Cub welcomed over 1000 children from around the south of England to their Minis Rugby Festival at the Stoke Park, Guildford ground....
The Minis’ section of Guildfordians Rugby Club is its beating heart.

We start at the age of 3 in Micros and run right through to Under 11’s. We train on Sunday mornings between 10 and 12, with some ages running a one hour session and some running sessions up to 2 hours.

A child’s age group is determined by their age at midnight on 31st August so, for example, a child who at midnight on 31st August is aged 7 would enter the Under 8s (U8s).

In Micros things start in a relatively simple way – even getting the children to run in a straight line is an accomplishment! We introduce ball skills and team games, learning to have your tag taken without the need for floods of tears is an important aim. Sometimes this takes rather a long time! Don’t worry! The players are not thrown into full contact rugby.

Throughout all the Minis age groups we try to give the children confidence, while instilling some discipline, but it’s most important to have fun. Children learn best through fun.

Our Rugby Values






To find out more about our Rugby Values please see our About page.

Moving on from the Micros, the ‘tag game’ is played at under 7’s and under 8’s. Contact Rugby is not permitted until under 9’s. Further aspects of the full 15 a side game are introduced gradually following the RFUs guidelines.

Great highlights of our year are our the festivals, we aim to host 2 Mini festivals a year - one in the Autumn and one in Spring. Our under 7’s to under 11’s play in the festivals against teams from all over the South East, some coming from as far away as Guernsey.

In between the festivals, there will be home training and opportunities for joint training sessions and matches with other local clubs. These sessions give our players a chance to hone their skills and interact with players outside of their club.

We are a very friendly, volunteer run club, with social events throughout the year and a fantastic family rugby tour each May,

We actively encourage parental participation and most of our coaches simply started off as willing parent helpers.

So, what’s stopping you and your Mini? A warm welcome awaits you all at Guildfordians Rugby Club whatever age your child is.

Training areas and times are at the bottom of this page.

The 2023-24 season starts on Sunday 3rd September come along and Pitch Up for Rugby with the Minis.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Stoke Park.

Tony Wiener - Minis Chairman and Coach
Image of Trudi Rowland Guildfordians Rugby Club
Micros Coach
Trudi Rowland
01306 730766 

Image of Trudi Rowland Guildfordians Rugby Club
Micros Admin Manager
Trudi Rowland
01306 730766 

Image of Bobby Kahlon Guildfordians Rugby Club
U6's Coach
Bobby Kahlon

Image of Helen Smith Guildfordians Rugby Club
U6's Admin Manager
Helen Smith

Image of Andrew Kennedy Guildfordians Rugby Club
U7's Coach
Andrew Kennedy
07809 436316 

Image of Fran Williams Guildfordians Rugby Club
U7's Admin Manager
Fran Williams

Image of Chris Neep Guildfordians Rugby Club
U8's Coach
Chris Neep

Image of Liz Coutange Guildfordians Rugby Club
U8's Admin Manager
Liz Coutange

Image of Mark Harris Guildfordians Rugby Club
U9's Coach
Mark Harris

Image of Natalie Lennon  Guildfordians Rugby Club
U9's Admin Manager
Natalie Lennon

Image of Danny Bailey Guildfordians Rugby Club
U10's Coach
Danny Bailey

Image of Teresa Freeman Guildfordians Rugby Club
U10's Admin Manager
Teresa Freeman

Image of Bruno Teodoro Guildfordians Rugby Club
U11's Coach
Bruno Teodoro

Image of Gina Neale Guildfordians Rugby Club
U11's Admin Manager
Gina Neale

Image of Tony Wiener Guildfordians Rugby Club
Chairman (Minis)
Tony Wiener

Image of Simon Davies Guildfordians Rugby Club
Membership Secretary
Simon Davies

Image of Claerwyn Hamilton-Wilkes  Guildfordians Rugby Club
Claerwyn Hamilton-Wilkes

Image of Rob Randall Guildfordians Rugby Club
Coaching Co-ordinator
Rob Randall

Image of Leanne Infante Guildfordians Rugby Club
Director of Rugby
Leanne Infante

Image of Mark Grubb Guildfordians Rugby Club
Festival Co-ordinator (Minis)
Mark Grubb
07973 343185  

Image of Gary Rowland Guildfordians Rugby Club
First Aid Officer
Gary Rowland
07853 185678 

Image of Antony Makepeace Guildfordians Rugby Club
Social Secretary
Antony Makepeace

Image of Liz Coutange Guildfordians Rugby Club
Fixtures Secretary (Minis)
Liz Coutange

Image of Vacant Guildfordians Rugby Club
Tour Manager (Minis)

Image of Olivia Morgan Guildfordians Rugby Club
Shop Manager
Olivia Morgan

Image of Andrew Worrall Guildfordians Rugby Club
Andrew Worrall

Find out about our two Minis Festivals

Junior Rugby Training Location and Times

Image of Guildfordians Junior age Groups training locations at Stoke Park

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