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Looking to play rugby ? why don't you come and play at Guildfordians we are a friendly and welcoming club.

All new members can have 3 free trial session so that you can decide if you would like to join us.

What do I need to do ?
Come along to session at the club (check that the team is at home on the day) there are details on the teams web page.
When you arrive please provide the following information, players name, Date of Birth, any Medical Conditions, email address and emergency contact number (parents email and contact number for junior players).

Enjoy yourself !!

After you have had your 3 free sessions you will be asked if you would like to join the club, if you would like to join a membership fee would be applicable.

We have tried where possible to keep our membership fees at the same level as last three season, the fees for the 2022/2023 season are below. The majority of the fees can be paid by Direct Debit over a number of months at no extra cost to spread the payments.

Membership Fees 2023/24Fee
Seniors Men : Single payment or Direct Debit (8 payments) (No match fees) Membership includes playing touch / walking rugby£210 *
Seniors Men : Other e.g. Occasional players please contact our Senior Men's ChairmanTBA
Seniors Women : Free 23/24 season
Juniors : Micros and U6s (Single payment or Direct Debit 6 payments)£74 ***
Juniors : U7's - U18's (Single payment or Direct Debit 6 payments)£116 ***
Juniors : Siblings U7’s – U18’s (Single payment or Direct Debit 6 payments)£84 ***
Social : Non Playing Social Member - 1 year£42
Social : Non Playing Social Member - Lifetime£158
Touch : General Touch (Single payment or Direct Debit 10 payments)£105 *
Touch : Club members (coaches / parents of paid up members, students) - Concessions£53
Touch : Summer£53 *
Walking Rugby: £74 **

* 50% discount - Senior, Touch / Summer Touch and Walking Rugby for Students, Uniformed Services and Unemployed. Proof required.
** Over 60’s 50% discount

*** Juniors
A voucher for a discounted shirt will be provided for new members once the membership fee has been paid.
U12 - U18 Boys only A tie voucher will be provided once membership has been paid by New Members or when you first reach a qualifying age group. Separate arrangements are in place for the girls section.

If you were a member the previous season you will receive an email with details on how to pay, if you missed it detail are below.

Guildfordians member the previous season ?
Membership Fees are paid by logging on to the GMS systems, please go to page Once logged on click on each player in turn, select the membership wanted and then and click on Buy Membership (parents of junior players do NOT need to buy their own membership). See the document below for help if needed. As GMS can be very busy on Sundays in September - it would be best doing it on a different day of the week.

Guildfordians new member ?
You will need to create a New Account (new players) - please see the document in the Help Section below for details on what you need to do. If you are a new and are first attending in December or later please email for a membership link otherwise you could be charged the full seasons membership.

Guildfordians Junior Players Mandatory RFU Registration
Logon to the GMS systems, please go to page Once logged on click on each player in turn and a box should appear with the words 'Register as Player (Age Grade)', click on this and it will ask you to confirm a number of items to register, don't forget to press Save at the end.

If you see a box just saying 'Player' they are already registered.

Help Using the GMS System

As a community club we’re very conscious of the impact of the current cost of living crisis and we do not want the affordability of fees or kit to be a factor in anybody being unable to continue as a member of the club - child or adult. In the case of financial difficulties please contact our membership secretary, section chairman, club secretary or club chairman in absolute confidence.

Email links are on the Contact Page on our website. Alternatively, please contact any other club representative you are comfortable speaking too.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to International Tickets via a ballot.

  • Discounted club house hire.

  • Discounts on some additional forms of rugby.

  • Coaching & First aid courses funded for volunteers.

  • Discounted bar.


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