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Guildfordians Rugby Club (GRFC) Youth diary

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01/09/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingWelcome Back TrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
08/09/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
15/09/19 SunCoachingCranleighCoachingConfirmed Fixture - E&L (Venue TBC)CoachingCoachingCoaching
22/09/19 SunCoachingChobhamCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
29/09/19 SunCoachingCobham - Surrey Non Streamed Festival (Away)CoachingSurrey 10's Festival (Away)CoachingCoachingCoachingAll
06/10/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
13/10/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
20/10/19 SunCoachingCranleigh (Away)CoachingFixture Needed AWAY as home festival (Away)CoachingCoachingCoachingGirls
27/10/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
03/11/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
10/11/19 SunCoachingCamberley (Away)CoachingWaterFall Cup Round 1CoachingCoachingCoaching
17/11/19 SunCoachingOld Reigatians Surrey Non Streamed Festival (Away)CoachingWaterFall Cup Round 2CoachingCoachingCoaching
24/11/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingFixture Confirmed Guildford Venue TBCCoachingCoachingCoaching
01/12/19 SunCoachingWeybridge Vandals & Haslemere tri-sessionCoachingFixture Confirmed Cobham - HOMECoachingCoachingCoaching
08/12/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
15/12/19 SunCoachingFarnhamCoachingWaterfall Cup Round 3CoachingCoachingCoaching
22/12/19 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
29/12/19 SunChristmas BreakChristmas BreakChristmas BreakChristmas BreakChristmas BreakChristmas BreakChristmas Break
05/01/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTraining CoachingCoachingCoaching
12/01/20 SunCoachingWaterfall Cup R1CoachingWaterfall Cup Final CoachingCoachingCoaching
19/01/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
26/01/20 SunCoachingWarlingham Surrey Non Streamed Festival (Away)CoachingQuinns Round 1 CoachingCoachingCoaching
02/02/20 SunCoachingWaterfall Cup R2CoachingQuinns Round 2CoachingCoachingCoaching
09/02/20 SunCoachingWaterfall Cup R3CoachingQuinns Round 3CoachingCoachingCoaching
16/02/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
23/02/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingFixture TBCCoachingCoachingCoaching
01/03/20 SunCoachingCamberleyCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
08/03/20 SunCoachingWeybridge Vandals (Away)CoachingFixture TBC Away needed as home festival (Away)CoachingCoachingCoachingAll
15/03/20 SunCoachingWaterfall Cup R4CoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
22/03/20 SunCoachingEffingham & Leatherhead (Away)CoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
29/03/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingFixture TBCCoachingCoachingCoaching
05/04/20 SunCoachingSurrey X Pitch 7s at Dorking (Away)CoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
12/04/20 SunEaster BreakEaster BreakEaster BreakEaster BreakEaster BreakEaster BreakEaster Break
19/04/20 SunCoachingCoaching at Stoke ParkCoachingTrainingCoachingCoachingCoaching
26/04/20 SunCoachingWaterfall Finals Day at Warlingham (Away)CoachingQuinns Finals (Away)CoachingCoachingCoaching
03/05/20 SunCoachingCounty 7s at Sutton & Epsom (Away)Coaching7's Festival (Away)CoachingCoachingCoaching
10/05/20 SunCoachingNo RugbyCoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingCoaching
17/05/20 SunCoachingNo RugbyCoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingCoaching
24/05/20 SunCoachingNo RugbyCoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingCoaching
31/05/20 SunCoachingNo RugbyCoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingCoaching

About Guildfordians Rugby Club (GRFC) Youth

The Club recommends that players should wear a gum shield, it is a club policy that all players involved with full contact rugby (U9's and above) must have a gum shield to play. Gum shields can be tailor-made by your dentist or purchased from sports shops and our Club Shop. The DIY versions are softened by heating in boiling water and then mould around the teeth (instructions are included with gum shields). Gum shields must be correctly fitted otherwise it can be dangerous, when the player opens their mouth their gumshield must remain on their teeth and not drop down - if it drops down it can be easily remoulded.
Sessions normally start at 10:00 on Sundays and run for two hours, the timings for fixtures can vary.


2014/15 U17s
Our u17s team won the London & South East Cup, Bowl competition and played Wetherby in the National final at the home of Sale Sharks in Salford winning the match 54 - 5.

Got any questions?

See you at Stoke Park.
2019-2020 season starts Sunday 1st September.

Committee - Youth

Chairman (Youth)
Antony Makepeace
01483 854586

Age Group Contacts - Youth

Under 12's Coach
Alisdair Hamilton-Wilkes
07970 072155

No photo available
Under 12's Admin Manager
Nicola Oliver

Under 13's Coach
Peter O'Loughlin
07766 060750

Under 13's Admin Manager
David Hatswell
07957 362878

Under 14's Coach
Paul Harding
07879 676160

No photo available
Under 14's Admin Manager
Janine Downey
07877 890585

No photo available
Under 15's Coach
Andy Sirl
07989 418268

No photo available
Under 15's Coach
Duane Wright
07771 856791

No photo available
Under 15's Admin Manager
Angela Galbraith
07775 804805

No photo available
Under 16's Coach
Alex Nixon
07847 334841

No photo available
Under 16's Admin Manager
Amanda Wilson

Under 17's Coach
Antony Makepeace
01483 854586

Under 17's Admin Manager
Antony Makepeace
01483 854586

Under 18's Coach
Richard Blanford
07802 918652

Under 18's Admin Manager
Richard Blanford
07802 918652