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Members Update
Created : 31st May 20

Dear Guildfordians,

We hope you are staying healthy and that your family and loved ones are well and coping with this worldwide tragedy.

The last two months have brought no rugby (except, perhaps, glorious highlights of past matches) and have tested each and every one of us in different ways. So many people have been on a 'coronacoaster’ of emotions, worrying about the world, the country, the county, the town of Guildford and the future for jobs, the economy and public health.

In the rugby community, we are all still hoping for training over the summer, even if separately, and for a real start to a full season in September. We are hoping that the minis, youth, girls, Touch, Walking and seniors will all be fit and raring to go and welcoming new members. Your committee is still meeting and making the plans that we can. We are discussing essential tasks, planning our communications and liaising closely across all the sections. We have our separate sections, which are fantastic, but, at heart, we are one Club. We are a strong, secure and popular club, but we are nothing without our members and our team spirit. Given yesterday’s news that we can now meet in slightly larger groups, but practising social distancing, and as we move towards what may be a gradual reduction in the restrictions, we will be sending out a weekly newsletter, like this, consistently across all sections (of course complemented by the specific news, information, jokes, quizzes and other things sent out by the sections on FaceBook, Instagram and emails). Any suggestions for matters to cover in these newsletters will be welcomed.

The committee would like to thank all those members who have been in touch offering their support to the club. It is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any specific questions or suggestions during this phase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any one of us. A big thank you to those of you who have submitted entries to the Applause Competition. The initial winners will be announced later today. But don’t worry too much if you don’t win a prize today – other competitions will be announced as we move through the summer!

Guildfordians will survive. We will play again and train again. And each section has its part to play. Let’s remember that we are all strong Guildfordians together, navigating this storm as ‘One Club’.

So, Guildfordians, when we get through this crisis, as a country and as a club, we will be able to plan to play our favourite sport again. But, let’s not forget that, when we do get through, we will all owe a massive debt of gratitude to the NHS, key workers, teachers, delivery drivers, firemen, postmen, carers and many many others. We’ve all been joining in the applause every Thursday evening and yesterday, 28th May, was the 10th round of applause at 8pm. So, we record now, alongside photos of many Guildfordians joining in the applause, our appreciation for those amazing people, without whom we would have had no chance of getting through.
Thank you from all of us to all the NHS and key workers. We won’t forget this.

Guildfordians together! We’ll start to plan to play.

Guildfordians Applauding the NHS

Guildfordians Applauding the NHS

Guildfordians Applauding the NHS

Guildfordians Applauding the NHS


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