Guildfordians Rugby Club - Minis

Rugby for all in the Heart of Guildford
Players are grouped by their age on the 1st September and must play within their correct age groups, playing up is not permitted within the Minis Section. This is in accordance with RFU guidelines, regulation 15.

Micros : For boys and girls who are aged 3 or 4, it's extremely good fun. Children who will be 3 during the year are more than welcome to join in but it is advisable to speak to the coaches first.
Sessions start at 10:15 on Sundays and run for an hour.

Minis : For boys and girls who are aged 5 to 11, they play in mixed teams with fixtures against other clubs as well as taking part in festivals during the season.
Sessions start at 10:00 on Sundays and run for between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the Age Group.

Up to and including the U8s age group the players play TAG rugby which is a non contact version of the game. From the U9s elements of the full contact game are introduced and built on over the next few seasons.

From U12s girls and boys play in seperate teams and move from the Minis to the Youth section of the club. Girls can join the Girls section at U10s if they prefer.

The Club recommends that players should wear a gum shield, it is a club policy that all players involved with full contact rugby (U9's and above) must have a gum shield to play. Gum shields can be tailor-made by your dentist or purchased from sports shops and our Club Shop. The DIY versions are softened by heating in boiling water and then mould around the teeth (instructions are included with gum shields). Gum shields must be correctly fitted otherwise it can be dangerous, when the player opens their mouth their gumshield must remain on their teeth and not drop down - if it drops down it can be easily remoulded.

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2019-2020 season starts Sunday 1st September.