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Date : Sun 27/09/20

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Girls News

Girls rugby is one of the fastest growing female sports since 2013 and it continues to grow across the country following the success of the England Women’s team, the Red Roses. We are extremely lucky to have a current Red Rose, Leanne Riley, driving our girls section forward on and off the field.

Leanne Riley set up our girls section in 2016 where we started with 25-30 girls varied from aged 7-17. We have since grown this to 75+ girls from aged 9-18, running 4-5 competitive teams in Surrey, participating in regional and national cups, and winning some silverware along the way!

Joining Guildfordians Girls is a great way to get active and try something new, meet new people, become part of an exciting team, and we can guarantee you many, many friendships are formed on and off the pitch. If you’re looking for a challenge or a change in 2020 – why not make that RUGBY?!

At this present time in 2020, we are slowly starting to get some of our girls back into training on Stoke Park. Our U15 and U18 teams are training weekly, abiding to the government and RFU guidelines. Training currently has a heavy emphasis on fitness, whilst also including some individual skills. In August our plan is to return with our U11 and U13 teams, with the focus being largely around enjoyment and recruitment, with a reintroduction to rugby.

At this present time in 2020, we are starting to get our girls back into training on Stoke Park. Our teams are taking part in mid-week training on Stoke Park, in the hope of Sundays returning from 6th September. Training currently has a fitness element, individual/small group skills training, and playing touch rugby games to incorporate decision making.

When the time is right for rugby to be played again – we will be there!
If you want to make sure you’re there too, get in contact and come and join our awesome girls.

Sunday training times are staggered and there are a number of requirements for Covid 19 - please see our Training Policy

Head of Girls Rugby: Leanne Riley

See you at Stoke Park.
2020-2021 season starts Sunday 6th September.
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DateU11 GirlsU13 GirlsU15 GirlsU18 GirlsRotaDate
Sun 27/09/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 27/09/20
Sun 04/10/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 04/10/20
Sun 11/10/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 11/10/20
Sun 18/10/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 18/10/20
Sun 25/10/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 25/10/20
Sun 01/11/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 01/11/20
Sun 08/11/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 08/11/20
Sun 15/11/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 15/11/20
Sun 22/11/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 22/11/20
Sun 29/11/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 29/11/20
Sun 06/12/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 06/12/20
Sun 13/12/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 13/12/20
Sun 20/12/20CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 20/12/20
Sun 27/12/20Christmas - No RugbyChristmas - No RugbyChristmas - No RugbyChristmas - No RugbySun 27/12/20
Sun 03/01/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 03/01/21
Sun 10/01/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 10/01/21
Sun 17/01/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 17/01/21
Sun 24/01/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 24/01/21
Sun 31/01/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 31/01/21
Sun 07/02/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 07/02/21
Sun 14/02/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 14/02/21
Sun 21/02/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 21/02/21
Sun 28/02/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 28/02/21
Sun 07/03/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 07/03/21
Sun 14/03/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 14/03/21
Sun 21/03/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 21/03/21
Sun 28/03/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 28/03/21
Sun 04/04/21Easter - No RugbyEaster - No RugbyEaster - No RugbyEaster - No RugbySun 04/04/21
Sun 11/04/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 11/04/21
Sun 18/04/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 18/04/21
Sun 25/04/21CoachingCoachingCoachingCoachingSun 25/04/21
Sun 02/05/21No RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbySun 02/05/21
Sun 09/05/21No RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbySun 09/05/21
Sun 16/05/21No RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbySun 16/05/21
Sun 23/05/21No RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbySun 23/05/21
Sun 30/05/21No RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbyNo RugbySun 30/05/21
DateU11 GirlsU13 GirlsU15 GirlsU18 GirlsRotaDate

Diary for All Juniors
U11's Girls Coach
Ella Amory
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U11's Girls Admin Manager
Claerwyn Hamilton-Wilkes
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U13's Girls Coach
David Ashby
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U13's Girls Coach
Graeme Laing
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U15's Girls Coach
Jason Hillier
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U15's Girls Coach
Andy Sturrock
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U18's Girls Coach
Dave Chambers
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U18's Girls Coach
Hannes Black
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