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Rugby for all in the Heart of Guildford
We are a very welcoming and friendly rugby club in the heart of Guildford playing on Stoke Park providing rugby for everyone. We were founded in 1932 as Old Guildfordians the Old Boys club of the Royal Grammer School (RGS) and more recently became Guildfordians Rugby Club (GRFC). We are proud to be an RFU accredited club, affiliated to Surrey Rugby and Harlequins our local premiership club.

We strongly believe that rugby is a safe, enjoyable and worthwhile activity for everyone, if you have never played rugby before our coaches will be more than happy to introduce you to the game.

New members are always welcome, if you would like to join us as a player, coach, supporter or sponsor please get in touch. You can be sure of a warm welcome at the club.

Guildfordians Minis, Youth & Girls

Boys and girls from age 3 to 18 are welcome to join us, our season runs from September until the start of May with training and matches take place on Sundays from 10am. Players are grouped according to their age at midnight on the 31st August each year. For example if you are 7 years old on the 31st Aug you will be in the U8s ( you will be 8 years old in the upcoming season ).

Being parents ourselves, we understand that children need to try different activities before committing, so we have "try before you join" policy so all newcomers can come along and take part for 3 weeks. After this, if they wish to continue we ask that you pay the appropriate membership fee or they can stop playing without charge.

Sunday training times are staggered and there are a number of additional requirements for Covid 19 - please see our Training Policy

Age Groups
Minis ( boys and girls aged 11 and under ) Click for more information.
Girls ( aged 10 and above ) Click for more information.
Youth ( boys aged 11 and over ) Click for more information.

Guildfordians Seniors

We run two regular senior teams playing in the Surrey leagues on Saturday afternoons plus an occasional thirds. We have teams for players of all abilities ( players must be aged 17 or older ), for those who want to play every week and for those who just want to play occasionally.
If you would like to know more please click for more information.

Guildfordians Touch

We run several Touch rugby teams and have the largest touch section in Surrey. Touch rugby is a non contact form of rugby and is ideal for players of all ages from the age of 14 playing in mixed teams.

We play all year round and it is a great way to keep fix. We enter a number of tournaments each year playing against other Touch teams from all over the country.

If you would like to know more please click for more information.

Guildfordians Walking Rugby

Walking rugby is a competitive passing game played with a rugby ball suitable for ex-players, injured players, non-players of all ages, abilities and gender. It’s especially suitable for over 50s and great for cardio-vascular health. Just like touch rugby but slower. No running, no kicking and no tackling, this is an opportunity to have fun and gentle exercise. Anyone can play.

2018/19 saw a great start of walking rugby at Guildfordians and we look forward to another great season.

If you would like to know more please click for more information.

Any Questions?

We are always happy to answer any questions, these can be referred to any of the people on our contacts page.

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