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Guildfordians Rugby Club - Welcome to the Social!

Whilst attending a Guildfordians’ RFC lunch at Stoke Park in December 2012, I returned from a brief absence from the main assembly to find that I had been 'elected' to cover for Colin Walker in the matter of publicising any similar future events. A few weeks later, Social Members at Guildfordians Rugby Club had got their own page on the club web site.

First of all, a big thank you is owed to Colin for having arranged such events over the previous 6 years or so.

There are, I'm sure, a large number of people out there who remember an age of great social camaraderie at Stoke Park interspersed with the occasional burst of athleticism and skill on the rugby pitch. It is the aim of the current players to continue that tradition, though perhaps with even more attention being paid to the rugby skills (difficult to believe, I know!). I for one am really pleased that the spirit that we enjoyed so much lives on, and hope that you and I can do our little bit to ensure that it does.

Just as all those years ago - the club is still largely run by the players for the players. We probably remember how grateful we were to have a few older people (such as Ken Ash) around to help out with various things and to support us as players. Well, time has now moved on and it would be great to think that we could now put back something into the setting we all enjoyed. The good news is that we could also have a lot of fun doing so, and see a bit more of old friends in the process.

If you would like to be added to Social Members list so that you get details of future lunches, send an email to:-

Please make sure that you set this address up now in your Contacts (rather than risk it going into your Junk email). You can email comments, suggestions, memories to this address, and we’ll use it to send out the occasional email, particularly to let you know if we’ve updated the website, or to give a reminder that a key date is approaching.

Guildfordians Rugby Club - Social Membership

Regardless of whether or not you are able to attend any of the social events, please consider contributing in some way to the continuation of rugby at Stoke Park. It goes without saying that a bit of cash always helps to make the club environment as attractive as possible, keeps equipment up to scratch etc.

Annual social membership is £25 per annum, which, I'm sure you'll agree, is a great deal. However, what's even better is that the club is offering Lifetime social membership for just £125!

Taking out membership will help the club enormously, and your involvement and support will help ensure the continuation of Guildfordians Rugby in the heart of Guildford.

The benefits of social membership are as follows:-

  • Invitations to Club functions
  • Invitations to supporters' lunches
  • Options to buy international tickets (subject to availability)
  • Options to buy tickets for other events at reduced prices, e.g. an annual junior tournament at the Stoop followed by a Harlequins match, The Big Match at Twickenham in December, and tickets to the Premiership Final (subject to availability)

In addition, if your interest extends beyond just the social side, you can receive regular club updates with all the latest news of how our junior and senior teams are developing, latest results etc.

If you wish to take up social membership, please complete and return, either by post or email, the Club Membership form. (Don't worry about the signature for now if emailing).

Please also let us know if the email address we're using for you is the one you prefer to use for this sort of correspondence. And, while we're on the subject of addresses, why not contact a few of your old mates from those days and pass on this information on to them?

NB You don't of course have to have played rugby for the OGs in the past to take up social membership. We hope that non-rugby players will also find it an informal way to keep in touch with friends.

Hoping to see you at Stoke Park in the near future.

Nick Edwards (OGRFC Club Captain '76 - '79)

Guildfordians Rugby Club - Social Events

We’ll update this page from time to time so that you can see what lunches etc. are coming up at the club. The event may or may not have a sponsor, which may influence whether or not it’s the proverbial ‘free lunch’ or whether a small charge is being made.

Please help the catering arrangements by indicating – no less than 4 days ahead - if you are planning to come.

Planned events for 2015 are:

  • Saturday March 28thrd - Lunch sponsored by John Turley and Ian Newton.
  • Sept / Oct (date tba) - Lunch sponsored by Mike Perry and others.
  • December (date tba) - Lunch sponsored by Mr Richard Stanley Bergman.

To book a place or places at the events, please send an email to clearly indicating which date it is for , and the names of the person or persons who are coming. If coming with a partner, please don’t forget to book for them too! Also, please don’t forget to indicate if a vegetarian meal is required for you or any member of your party.

Please note that a booking is taken as indicating a commitment to pay; if you’re unable at the last minute to attend, payment would be appreciated at the earliest opportunity – preferably by getting somebody else to pay for you on the day so as to prevent anybody being out of pocket through your non-attendance.

Previous events have included:

  • 6th December 2014 – Freddie French
  • 11th October 2014 – Tim Adams (Barlow Robbins solicitors)
  • 12th April 2014 – Robin Hughes and Nick Edwards
  • 1st March 2014 – Richard Bottomley
  • 7th December 2013 – Colin Walker
  • 5th October 2013 – Edward G Ram
  • 23rd March 2013 – Keith Walker (70th Birthday Bash)
  • 16th Feb 2013 - Robin Hughes and the ‘Tongham Maffia’