Guildfordians Rugby Club - Contacts

Rugby for all in the Heart of Guildford

2019/20 Season

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Guildfordians are situated in Guildford about 8 miles south of junction 10 of the M25. We are based on Stoke Park opposite the Spectrum Lesuire centre, entrance is from the London Road A3100 use post code GU1 1TU. Whilst we do have our own car park (next to the clubhouse) it can quickly get full. Additional car parking is available along the length of London Road (note that local buses do run at weekends so don`t park at the bus-stops) or at the Spectrum sports centre. PLEASE PARK CONSIDERATELY and especially do not park in local private roads, such as St Margarets.

Please avoid using the car park next to Challengers and do not park on the grass verges or on the pavements around the park.